Monday, March 2, 2009

Gone in a Blink

Did anybody see where February went? I know it was here just a minute ago but all I can find is March! Starting with the gift show at the beginning of the month, followed by studio time, filling orders, Fed Ex runs, the general demands of running a household and business, and ending with a much needed but ill timed trip to Florida, February was one big blur!

The gift show was hard work but well worth it. I came in with slightly lowered expectations due to the struggling economy but ended up being pleasantly surprised by the outcome. I met my goals, and in some cases, exceeded them, so in my mind it was MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Unfortunately the few photos I managed to take of my booth and fellow exhibitors turned out bad, really, really bad. I will not bore you with the proof!

For my sons 12th birthday, we decided to take a few days and do Disney. In reality, Disney did us! After 3 days of "It's a Small World", Flying Dumbo, lines that lasted faaaarrrr beyond my level of patience, and really bad for you food, I was ready for part 2 of our trip.

Aaaaaahhhhh......Naples, Florida. White sandy beaches, turquoise water, sunsets, flip flops and 80 degree weather. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Did you know that the good people of Naples have a tradition of going out to the beach to watch the sunset and then they clap when it's all over? Not a bad way to end your day is it?!

We also took long walks and collected sea shells...

And avoided too many of these...

But mainly we just played!

I'll be doing the Las Vegas Gift Show in a couple of weeks so I'm not sure if I'll get another entry in before that. If not, I'll be back on the other side of Vegas!