Sunday, April 5, 2009

What I Wouldn't Give

I really want to be here, wandering the lovely path above. I want to plant brilliant shades of pink and purple with a dash of white. I want to smell roses and lavender wafting through my open windows.

I want to put these in a vase and place them on my coffee table for all to enjoy.

Or spend a few hours here reading my favorite book with a huge mug of Starbucks.

But, alas, the only gardening I'm doing these days is in perusing the pages of magazines.

Instead, I'm working on these.

And these.

Then there's a little custom work for a lovely client.

And another client.

And still one more client.

It's good to be busy. It really is. Oh, but my garden. My poor neglected and lonely garden. For now I will just have to dream through the glossy pages of my favorite magazines and wait...