Saturday, September 12, 2009

Calendar Surprise!

I've been so busy over the last month that I haven't paused long enough to acknowledge this wonderful bit of news. Somerset Life has come out with its series of 2010 wall calendars and they are now available for purchase. I encourage you all to snatch up your favorite issue for there is no doubt these gorgeous calendars will disappear quickly! My copies were wrapped neatly in a cardboard box awaiting my return from vacation. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box to find my artwork on the cover! I had no idea I was on the cover. I knew I was IN the calendar but not ON the front cover! Wow! I don't know, can you ever say thank you enough? Are there other words that even come close to conveying my gratitude? Here's the image that keeps playing in my head right now: a large pair of hands, lovingly holding my dreams, my hopes, my deepest joy, and gently tossing them up into the air for sweet release. That's what it feels like. Thank you, again and again and again, Somerset Life for holding me in your hands!

Anyhow, the photo is borrowed from Becky Shander, another talented contributor to Somerset Life. I was perusing the pages of her blog - please stop by and visit for she is truly amazing! - and stumbled upon the shot and borrowed it. I have been shooting photos for daaaaays trying to put together a new catalog and, so help me, if I had to take one more photo I was going to scream!! So thank you Becky for helping me out!

I'm off to enjoy a little zydeco music and fabulous Cajun cooking! Happy Saturday!