Monday, July 28, 2008

Gone Fishing

I'm knee deep in to-do lists trying to get ready for our annual trip back East. Seriously, this is my 2nd list in 4 days and both lists cover the entire page. How does life get this complicated? Anyhow, despite the fact that 10 days on a beach takes Hurculean effort to prepare, it's DEFINITELY worth it! The house sleeps a small village comfortably, something like 9 bedrooms and 7 full baths and is right on the beach ~a mere 30 steps or so and it's surf time! My entire family goes ~ that's Mom, Dad, stepmom, (oh yes, they really do get along) my family of 4, my brother and sister-in-law and their 4 boys, and my sister-in-laws mother. Now that's a party at the beach!! I'll take photos for a future post but in the meantime I found these jars in my studio. I thought they'd be appropriately timed. For all of you longing for the beach but stuck in dry-dock mode, here's a little beach to-go! I can almost taste the blue point crabs and ice-cold beer!


Kasey said...

Have a fun trip, and let's catch up when you get back!

Leah C said...

Have a great time back east:) My family is from Long Island and I'm way overdue for a visit...soak up some salty sea air for me, would you? Enjoy the trip!

donnaobrien said...

Well, there's one thing you can take off your list. "Make fabulous bottles that are beach inspired" Check!

Ulla said...

Molly these are so clever! I love them!!!